Ten altcoins to make you rich in 2018….

Can 2018 bring the same results as 2017 with 10,000% + gains and a frenzy of buying from new participants in the market? I’m betting on YES, and in a big way. I have a feeling we aint seen nothing yet!

 With that said, I’ll be adding a new strategy to the portfolio which I wanted to post about here to record and look back on in 12 months time to see what results it produced.


This year I’ll be using some of the profits made in 2017 to invest in ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) and other newly released coins/tokens. The plan will be to hold for 12 months, ride the ups and downs, and hope we see some BIG winners. I’ll be allocating 10% of my total capital to this part of the portfolio and spreading it over 10 different projects. If any coin/token rises 10 times it’s value before the 12 months is out, I will consider taking some profits off the table. I’m predicting at least one of the projects to increase 100X (10,000%%) and secretly predicting an overall gain of much more ;). Below are 10 projects I have either bought, have buy orders waiting, or waiting for the coin/token to be available on exchanges after successful ICO’s.

1. Wanchain – Missed the ICO so waiting for it to hit the exchanges to make purchases.

2. Komodo (KMD) – Already holding plenty of this name with 6X returns during 2017. Looking to buy more whilst it’s under $10 as I think this is a solid project with real potential and plenty more upside. Available on BinanceBittrex, and Cryptopia.

3. Kyber (KNC) – With Vitalik Buterin (co-founder of Ethereum) on the advisory board you can bet this project is going to end the year with a higher price than when it started. I recently bought some at $4.50 each and have more buy orders waiting below should it drop any further. Currently trading on Gate.ioBinance, and Cryptopia.

4. Nebulas (NAS) – Currently trading at only 6.5X it’s ICO price, we’re catching this coin before it really takes off. Waiting for a drop in price with various buy orders waiting between $6 – $8.50. A big community behind this name predicting big things this year. Available to buy on Gate.io.

5. Loopring (LRC) – Already had some big gains in late 2017 so although I like this project, I’ll be placing buy orders around $0.60 – $0.70 (or 0.00004800BTC). With the launch date for their trading wallet not until Q4 2018 I’m hoping the hype downs down until nearer the time to give us our entry level. Currently trading on Binance and Gate.io.

6. Zilliqa (ZIL) – Missed the ICO on this one so waiting for it to hit the exchanges to make purchases.

7. RChain (RHOC) – Currently trading around 10X it’s ICO price at $2.50. Even though it’s just risen 10 times in the last couple of months, this is one the coins I am most confident about so purchased a decent amount at current levels. The daily charts look to be forming an ascending triangle and I can see this breaking out very soon. Should it fail to break out on this occasion and drop in price, I will continue to buy on the drops to build a healthy position. Another bonus is that it has not hit many exchanges yet which could result in big moves when it does. Currently trades on Kucoin exchange.

8. Oracles Network (POA) – Missed the ICO on this one so waiting for it to hit the exchanges to make purchases.

9. Bluezelle – Missed the ICO on this one so waiting for it to hit the exchanges to make purchases.

10. Simple Token (OST) – Currently trading at $1.10 which is approx 12 times from it’s ICO price. Looking start building a position with various buy orders at $1 and below. Trading on Binance and Gate.io.

With the institutional wall of money set to flow into the space this year we can expect to see big gains all round. To be fair you could probably pick anything in the top 50 coins and you’d come out winning in 12 months time. The coins I’ve picked above are some of the projects I believe will move the most but that’s just my opinion, so if you have any ideas on good projects with great potential I’d love to hear from you.

Happy 2018!

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