Choosing a Bitcoin Wallet

Once you’ve bought your cryptocurrency, it’s a good idea to move it to another wallet rather than keeping it on an exchange. This makes sure that your money is in your pocket. You can have as many as you like and we would recommend having at least two. Our easy to follow guide on how to do exactly that is here.

The wallets we’ve chosen are very user friendly and easy to navigate which makes them perfect for both beginners and pros.




Light/Hot  Wallets

Here we start with our favorite ‘light’ or ‘hot’ wallets’ of the moment. These are stored online and rely on the security of the wallet provider to keep your Bitcoins safe. We recommend only storing smaller amounts of your Bitcoin stash on these wallets.


1. Exodus – Desk top wallet with a beautiful user interface. Even Grandma can use this and she’d be ooh-ing and aah-ing at all those pretty colours while she did it!




2. Mycelium – Mobile wallet chosen once again for not only it’s user interface and good looks, but it’s constant development and integration of new services and partners. A tried and trusted wallet with a good reputation. A must have in our book.




3. – Desk top & mobile apps from Blockchain make this a convenient tool. The synchronisation allows you to use your wallet home or away. Another easy to use interface and a well known name in crypto.





Hard/Cold Wallets

For optimum security use a ‘hard’ or ‘cold’ wallet. You’ll give any hacker a hard time with these as cold wallets store your cryptocurrency offline for maximum security. If you’re planning to keep hold of your Bitcoin rather than move it around then either of these could be for you.


1. Trezor – We’ve used one of these for the last year and it’s very easy to set up and use. Costs around $80 and in our opinion is the best hard wallet on the market. With the ability to store alt coins and tokens on this device via the use of myetherwallet, it’s an all round gem of a storage device.




2. Nano Ledger S  -Just purchased one of these and at first glance prefer the Trezor user interface. We’ll have a play and give it a chance before concluding. Coming in at  around $70 it’s good value for sure. Can also store other alt coins and tokens on this device, although seems to have limits on the amount you can store on one device. We’re still getting used to it and will update as and when.


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