Electroneum (ETN) – Starting to build a long term position…

Electroneum (ETN) – After hearing this name pop up in many interviews and write ups in the last few months, I’ve decided to take a decent size stake with a view to a long term hold (12 months minimum). Some of the main reasons were….

1. A British cryptocurrency which since it’s release in November 2017 is currently only trading on one exchange (Cryptopia). Once these coins make it onto the major exchanges you can expect to see a rise in price as more money is able to flow in. Cryptopia is an easy exchange to sign up to and worth having on your list, if only to make early investments in less well known names before they go mainstream.

2. The Director/Founder Richard Ells has a reputation of being a great marketeer with a good track record building successful internet/social media businesses. As we’ve seen with names like DASH (currently trading at around $1100) marketing is a very important consideration and can make a huge difference to the price and expectations.

3. Electroneum already has over 300,000 registered users and a large community.

4. It can be used as a privacy coin using the same core blockchain technology as the already well established Monero.

5. The possibility for users to ‘mine’ for more coins by simply storing the ETN coins on their mobile phones.

Watch this space!


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