EOS – 500% in 34 days!?!

EOS – In the previous blog back on November 3rd 2017 I mentioned this name was showing signs of life after a pop up took it off the lows to around $1.30 at the time. I was looking for a $3.00 target to take some profits and leave the rest in the market for the long term (12 – 24 months). Well this space never ceases to amaze me and a mere 25 days since that post we’ve seen EOS storm another 123% to reach that $3.00 target. If you managed to pick the bottom at around $0.50 back on 24th October and sold at the target of $3.00 today, you would have seen a 500% increase in just 34 days!

Of course we’re not in the business of picking tops and bottoms but somewhere in between is more than satisfactory. I doubt very much if this is anywhere near the bottom and I’m so excited about this name and the potential profits down the road. That initial $1.50 entry level is not looking so bad after all!


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