HMQ – I wasn’t sure what it was but I liked it… alot!

Humaniq (HMQ) – Purely technical analysis with nothing more than a quick scan of the project results in 2 x doubles in one day. The spike reached over a 500% increase in 24 hours before falling back to around 120% as I write this post.

Goes to show why some traders believe in technical analysis (T/A) only  and do not let the fundamentals distract them. Whilst I like to check on both (especially for long term holds) the charts are the overriding factor for my decisions on when to buy and when to sell. This is a great example.

This chart is also a great example of the importance of setting those sell orders in good time and high up the axis. You never know when a quick 500% spike is going to happen and it’s a frustrating feeling when your on the end of missing profits because you didn’t set those orders.

It sounds like Humaniq (HMQ) are trying to do the right thing so I hope they succeed with their project for all the possible beneficiaries of it including my crypto wallet!

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