MTL – Update 28 November 2017

MTL – After the original post back on the 21-10-17 we heard news that a big angel investor decided to dump 600,000 coins onto the market in a mass sell off. Selling begets selling, so this of course created some fear and panic which took the price down further. Irrational fear and panic is what we are always looking for as opportunists. The news that this investor sold 600,00 coins into the market does not actually effect the project; more importantly it does not effect their bank balance as the initial investment from said investor is either still waiting to be invested or has already been invested into the project. At these levels I couldn’t resist doubling down and increasing my position. Still only 3% of my entire portfolio so happy I didn’t go all in at the initial buy level. Could be looking at a 6 month wait on this but I believe the wait is going to be well worth it.

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