TenX (PAY) – Still stacking!

TenX (PAY) – Whilst Bitcoin continues it’s mega rally to over $11k today, I’m looking for any strong names that might be presenting opportunities to buy at depressed levels. TenX is one of those names that I’m confident in which means I’m happy to keep accumulating as the price drops in comparison to Bitcoin. The chart directly below shows the TenX (PAY) priced in Bitcoin BTC, whilst the second chart shows it priced in USD. As you can see the price compared to USD is rising even thought the price compared to BTC is dropping. The USD chart is actually showing a nice shallow cup and is showing healthy signs of a probable breakout in the not too distant future. If we can get above $3.00 I’d expect a good run to the upside with not much chance of it looking back any time soon after.

In the meantime I’m happy to keep adding TenX to my purse and looking forward to see what the next 12 – 24 months brings.




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