XVG – On the verge of becoming rich!…..

Verge (XVG) – This is what can happen in this crazy environment. Buy the lows, set the sell orders, wait for the pump, take profits, and convert them back into coins trading at the lows. Rinse and repeat!

The perfect storm occurred for this name in the run up to the holiday season to give all it’s holders a very merry Christmas. ‘Privacy’ coins like Verge are gaining a lot of attraction at the moment as more big money moves into the cryptocurrency space. You never know for sure which coin is going to pump, but buying the lows in as many coins as possible means you are in with a shout when it does. They all seem to have their day at some point throughout a year which means you can sell 50% of your initial stake when the price doubles to give you a ‘free ride’ from then on.

This sounds like it could just be the start of big things for this name, although with a 3500% rise in just 10 days you’d expect it to take a breather and retrace at least 40 – 50%. It was good while it lasted!

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